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Bidding Procedure for Sanitation

Construction projects are processed under the formal sealed bid process. Construction contractors need to present a performance bond in the amount equal to 100% of the contract award. Bidders usually have to provide a 5% payment bond at the time of bid submittal. Besides, evidence of general liability and workman's compensation insurance are other documents that required before construction services contract award.


Georgia has the grant for financing of the Improved Infrastructure, Economic opportunities, and Support for Internally Displaced Persons which includes providing the detailed Engineering design, preparation of the Bidding Documentation Package and provision of Design Inspection Services required for the sanitary upgrades, internal water supply hook-ups and drainage improvements to include site inspection, needs identification, hydrogeological/subsurface field and site investigations, analysis of alternatives, preparation of, detailed design and compilation of construction bid documents.


The procedure includes carrying out topographic and hydrogeological/subsurface field surveys and site investigations; analyzing alternatives; preparing design studies and final designs; completing and submitting detailed design drawings; compiling technical specifications & scheduling of quantities (BOQs); developing O&M plans; preparing site specific environmental management plans; developing inspection and performance test plan; and assembling bid documents for the construction and rehabilitation of proposed engineering works, along with any other works that the contractor recommends as part of the final design in accordance with the purpose of the project. The proposed engineering works include:

The Project Bidding Process
  • Drainage for selected cottage settlements
  • Drainage for each cottage in selected cottage settlements
  • Internal potable water supply connection and installation of water meters for each household in selected
  • Improved toilet/shower facilities
  • Waste Water Treatment and disposal


The overall management and coordination of rehabilitation works' implementation and supervision is conducted by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF). The tentative duration of the services for preparing the design and bidding documentation package is around 5 months.

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