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Submittals for Construction of Educational Facilities in Georgia

Rules of the State Board of Education in Georgia require that documents for planning and construction of educational facilities in which students are to be housed be submitted to the Facilities Services Unit of the State Department of Education for review and approval. Final plans and specifications must be approved by Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) Facilities Section before a project is advertised. Data sheet is required to be executed and enclosed with submittal of each stage. The three stages in which the review and approval of the document are done are as follows:


  • Preliminary Plans with large-scale layout drawings and a written description of the construction delivery method as described in Section II, Subsection I
  • “Check Set” Plans and Project Manual
  • Final Plans and Project Manual

There are certain exceptions to the submittal stages that are mentioned above, such as:


  • Emergency repairs
  • Project in which only renovations of existing spaces are involved
  • Modifications such as window replacement, reroofing or HVAC replacement may be exempt from the submittal phases as per the following stipulations:


Project plans may be submitted for 1 final state review and, in case of no applicable comments, will be given final approval. The engineer or architect have to request in writing on the design professional's letterhead an exception for the submittal stages containing a full description of the scope of work. Submittal of plans and specifications should not occur until written approval from the Facilities Section is received. A copy of the approval letter has to be submitted with the plans and specifications. If there are pertinent comments from the Facilities Services Unit, these comments will be furnished to the design professional for incorporation into final documents or modification by addenda.


The Project Data Sheet must be used for the Preliminary Plans as well that include Project Plans and Specifications. Mentioned below are some instructions that should be employed while developing preliminary plans for submission to the Facilities Services Unit. Regardless of funding source, these instructions are applicable to all projects. Formats required for:




Large Scale plans have to be submitted in a bound set, as well as loose unbound drawings for each of the following:


  • Group I: When Food Service elements are new or in any way modified:
    • Site plan
    • Overall floor plan
    • 1/8 Scale or larger, if required, layout of kitchen and dining
  • Group II: When Media Center is new or in any way modified:
    • Site plan
    • Overall floor plan
    • 1/8 Scale or larger, if necessary, layout of media center
  • Group III: When Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Units are a part of new or modified documents:
    • Site Plan
    • Overall Floor Plan
    • 1 copy each of 1/8 Scale or larger, if desired, layouts of vocational facilities new or modified.
  • Site Plan: At appropriate scale, site plans present the following:
    • All site boundary lines
    • North arrow
    • Acreage of site
    • Contours, both existing and proposed, to meet scope of project. Spot grades can be substituted for small minor additions. Floor elevation should be shown for all buildings connected by walks or otherwise
    • Existing utilities and necessary extensions: Indicate approximate location of existing and proposed septic tanks, grease traps, and nitrification fields, if applicable
    • Existing buildings and site improvements to be retained or demolished. Note type of construction (solid masonry, brick-veneer, frame, etc.) of existing building to be retained. If State Capital Outlay funded, number of buildings as per the Capital Outlay Application
    • Location of proposed buildings and anticipated future expansion, if any
    • Existing and proposed streets, roads, drives, parking areas, and playgrounds. Show drives and parking for buses where applicable
    • Street address or location of site with respect to established road or highway
    • All site mitigations listed in the site approval documents must be incorporated into the design
    • Sewage Disposal System
  • Floor Plans:
    • Floor Plans include the following:1/16 scale floor plans. It is important to note the facility name and facility codes as presented on the Curriculum and Space Needs page from the approved local facilities plan. All spaces should be labelled as listed in the Guideline for Square Footage Requirements for Educational Facilities. It is acceptable if entire overall plan is shown at a larger scale. If requested even smaller scales can be approved by the Facilities Services Unit. All spaces should be labelled as per the names of spaces identified in the Facility Curriculum and Space Need Page with its associated net square footage as listed in the GaDOE Guideline for Square Footage Requirements for Educational Facilities
      • In addition to the 1/16 scale floor plans, a drawing of all existing and proposed buildings for use in the local facility plan has to be submitted to the local school system and the GaDOE Facilities Consultant for any new construction, modification of spaces to for other uses, or classroom additions. The drawing should be in an 11 x 17 inch format. Each space requires to be labeled with only the space number, square footage, and program design for that space. Large facilities can require multiple 11 x 17 pages
    • If the project is an addition to an existing educational facility, detailed plan of the entire facility will not be required, provided the following information is provided:
      • A block plan of all levels of the entire facility at appropriate scale showing relationship to addition, location of main corridors, food service areas, administrative area, battery toilets, media center, exits in existing areas to be used in connection with additions, and central mechanical plants or rooms, if any. Labelling all the spaces is a must
      • A chart or table showing the number and type of each plumbing fixture in each of the toilet rooms indicated and number of drinking fountains in each existing location
      • All pertinent information concerning sewage, water, gas and electrical to existing areas
      • Demonstrate that existing food service kitchen and dining areas, media center (shelving and space requirements), etc. are adequate according to published guides for the potential total average full-time equivalent students (FTE) when adding classrooms/instructional spaces only. (See chart in the GaDOE Guideline for Square Footage Requirements for Educational Facilities
    • Elevations & Sections
      • Show at least two major elevations at 1/16 scale, or larger, if desired
      • Show 1/8 scale cross section through typical classroom wing. Indicate method of sun control, natural and artificial lighting
      • Show 3/4 scale typical exterior wall section. Indicate structural system, materials, dimension of window stool and head heights, components of the proposed heating, cooling and ventilation system where applicable, etc.
    • Large-Scale Layout Submittals

      As part of Preliminary Document Submittal, include 1/8” = 1’-0” or larger scale plans showing the layout of equipment for all special areas applicable to the project and as listed below. All of the 1/8 scale plans for special areas should be in the bound sets. In addition to these bound sets, certain 1/8 scale drawings should be furnished in loose form in accordance with paragraph II-B of this publication. These are applicable only to food service, media centers, and vocational facilities.
      • Special Areas are individual spaces within the building that includes primary classroom, elementary/ middle grades classroom, high School classroom, media center, kitchen alongwith seating arrangement in dining area), Science laboratories or science rooms, CTAE Labs Including furniture and equipment on construction drawings), art, music, band and choral, administration area, toilets.
    • Total number of Instructional Units in project, should be on project data sheet accompanying submittal and on top sheet of both sets of final drawings. It should also be on the title block of every sheet of “check set” and final drawings and on cover sheet and data sheet where applicable for all stages of submittal.
    • A narrative description of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning requirement) system should also be included in the Preliminary Document Submittal. This information should be provided on the bottom of data sheet attached to the drawings submitted for review.
    • Construction Delivery Method

      Local Education Agencies (LEA), on LEA letterhead with superintendent or designee signature, should identify and attach a written description of the method of construction delivery to be employed for each project to the data sheet completed for the project and attach these documents to each set of preliminary drawings submitted to the Facilities Services Unit for review. The information included in the written description of the construction delivery method must include Identification of the construction delivery method approved by the LEA, A detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of the parties to be involved, Identification of all parties to be involved in the project and The proposed schedule for all activities.




The Project Data Sheet must be enclosed in manual along with Project funding sources as these instructions apply to all projects regardless of funding source. The Check Set includes:


  • Prior to final approval: It requires submitting one set of complete plans including facility code, space grade and subject and function assignment for each space with its associated net square footage and project manual for each improvement or project, including Civil, Architectural, Structural, Plumbing, Heating and Electrical work, along with a copy of any previous comments with response comprising Media, Food Service, , Vocational and Department of Human Resources (DHR) Engineer’s, for a review by this office.
  • Completeness: This set of documents should be complete and essentially ready for bidding, coordinated with specifications/project manual and the drawings with one another before submitting to the Facilities Services Unit




For the final approval, along with the Data sheet it is mandatory to submit one printed set of plans and one electronic set in PDF format including facility name, facility code, space grade or subject etc., and project manual/specifications along with a copy of any previous comments with response, if any. If the design professional is unable to produce a PDF set of plans, then two printed copies of plans are required. Drawings and specifications which are labeled “Not for Construction” or “Draft” are rejected.


A Professional Certification is also required for final approval. All drawings submitted for final approval must bear design professional of record’s stamp and signature, besides all of the engineering drawings of each discipline must bear the P.E. stamp and signature of the consultant engineer for that discipline.


The other documents that are required to be submitted include:


  • Fire Marshall Certification
  • Area Certification
  • Annotated Comments
  • Proprietary Products And Sole Source Specifications
  • Submittal Letters- All submittals of any stage should be accompanied by some sort of a transmittal letter


The local school system is responsible to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to its capital outlay projects regardless of the review and comments by the GaDOE Facilities Staff.


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